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John Travolta, Please Stop Confusing Me and My Friends!

John Travolta, what is up? What is the deal with yourself? I saw you in a picture kissing a dude! What is up with that? What about like in Face Off when Nicholas Cage had your face? Maybe that explains it? What about that maybe explains it? John Travolta, seriously, people want to know, what is up? Do you maybe need to talk to someone? Do you maybe need to talk with yourself? John Travolta, John Travolta, whoah! You are blowing people’s minds!

that is NOT Uma Thurman!



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Ernesto Who? Never Heard of Him!

Ok, so, guys, there’s a totally lame hurricane all over the nooz, did you know that? Well there is! It is everywhere! It is like really popular, kind of totally like a celebrity, so I was all “Oh, cool, celebrity nooz for my totally awesome celeb nooz reports, yow!” But then I was like WHOAH wait a minute! This hurricane is so NOT a celebrity! You know? So for all you nooz hound would-be’s out there, WATCH OUT! Ernesto is not a celebrity! It’s a hurricane! Isn’t that so weird? What are celebs coming to? It’s totally so sad sometimes you know?

And what’s with all the primary colors? Would you ever wear that to the Oscars? No way, I know right?

No way dude, you're so ugly!


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LiLoh? Huh?

So dudes, what is TOTALLY the deal with lindsay lohan? is it just me, or is she like, totally SCREWED UP? she’s like messed up in the head or something. she really acts so weird. lindsay lohan totally goes out all the time! lindsay, what is the deal? do you want to talk about it? for real! maybe i could help you. i am pretty good at math. for real! celebs rool!

 Lindsay Lohan has boobs!


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Do you guys know Paris Hilton?

Guys, so Paris Hilton? She is totally cool! Whoah, I mean, but sometimes she’s not. Did you know she lives in Beverly Hills? Well she does! But sometimes, I want to be like, whoah, Paris, what’s the deal? I mean, seriously, Paris, like, can I help you or something? I can teach you how to drive a car, you know what I’m saying? Am I right?

 But seriously Paris, I am always here. Seriously!

-Your Loyal Nooz Hound, ruff ruff!

Paris, you look hott!


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