Do you guys know Paris Hilton?

Guys, so Paris Hilton? She is totally cool! Whoah, I mean, but sometimes she’s not. Did you know she lives in Beverly Hills? Well she does! But sometimes, I want to be like, whoah, Paris, what’s the deal? I mean, seriously, Paris, like, can I help you or something? I can teach you how to drive a car, you know what I’m saying? Am I right?

 But seriously Paris, I am always here. Seriously!

-Your Loyal Nooz Hound, ruff ruff!

Paris, you look hott!



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4 responses to “Do you guys know Paris Hilton?

  1. L.L.

    paris has herpes.

  2. Totes! But, I mean, whats the deal with Herpes anyway? Is it from kissing boys? Ugh, gross!

  3. The Kid (it's me, Tim)

    Paris has GAIDs, that’s AIDs you catch from a gay

  4. OMG


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