What is a firecrotch? No, seriously.

Whats totes the deal with this firecrotch nonsense? Am I like way in the darkness about this?I mean Lindsay’s for sure Firey! Yow!  But I don’t like the way people are talking about lady-flowers… 

It makes me feel bad and tingly. I like flowers and I sure love Lindsay (double Yow!) but I hate fire. Whatevs, go Lindsay!

She's so interesting!



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6 responses to “What is a firecrotch? No, seriously.

  1. ParisHaterLohanFan

    can we find a better picture of my Lohan, please. she looks like a side show circus freak in some kind of blue towel robe.

  2. OMG


  3. Abebi

    Brandon Davis was going on and on about Linsey Lohen in a rather disparaging manner. and called her “Fire Crotch”. It’s really childish, basically, in that he’s referring to the color of her pubic region.

    u can read the story here:

  4. halfbaked

    Firecrotch means you have red pubic hair.

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