Jessica Simpson Works at Pizza Hut Now???

Whoah! Jessica Simpson must be really poor or something after breaking up with Nick because now she works at Pizza Hut! Check it out!

She is so talented, I have never seen someone serve pizza as good as that. Have you seen that? It makes me so sad to see all that awesome talent and blond hair go to waste at Pizza Hut! Do you think she delivers pizzas like that every time? Do you think her manager gets mad at her because of the way she delivers pizzas? How many toppings were on that pizza anyway?

Oh mah god, her self esteem must be wicked low to be working at Pizza Hut! Someone has to step in and say “Jessica, you’re better than that!” What’s next, Brad Pitt working at Target?? Tom Crooz selling shoes at Foot Locker?

Save the Celebs, buy the new Air Tom Crooz! They are shoes with a picture of Tom Crooz jumping on them! I mean whatevah! Save the Celebs!



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4 responses to “Jessica Simpson Works at Pizza Hut Now???

  1. this commercial is from the last superball

  2. what is a superball? is that like one of those big gumballs? those rock. you rock!

  3. My sister got a huge abscess on her arm from serving pizza at Pizza Hut.

    Maybe that’s why Jessica has a huge abscess on her brain.

  4. I herd the story is the boy’s father hired J.S. for a birthday party at pizza hut “$1,000,000.00” The commercial was caught on the Surveillance cameras.

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