Dakota Fanning on Heroin?

The nooz hounds (arf! arf!) just heard a totally whoah rumor that Dakota Fanning is really depressed and has taken up heroin! Whoah! Check the picture doods! Supposedly she’s hanging out with Pete Doherty too! We need to help her! Dakota, call me!

dakota, no!



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14 responses to “Dakota Fanning on Heroin?

  1. I did a poop stain

    So what if she wants to be a heroin…what aboutt brittany haveing sex with a boy?!!??!?

    Thats wey worse guys.

  2. you are right dood! what is the deal with THAT? it’s like hello? cooties! and sometimes aids!

  3. dustin

    hahaha…omg dakota fanning on heroin.

  4. How the hell does a 7 year-old come upon herion, and think: “GollyGee, I HAVE to try this!”

  5. The Kid (it's me, Tim)

    nemarasu, are you retarded. if you are i’m really sorry and your comment is fine.

  6. Steve

    I rather doubt that she’s on drugs. At least, not yet. Those “Teen Vogue” shots are a little disturbing, aren’t they? So are those ad photos for “The Gap”. When you consider that it’s her first public outing since she made that sleazy sex movie in North Carolina, it’s little wonder that she has a haunted look in her eyes. When your own parents and agent have made a tramp out of you (on set and on film) for cash and when you’re only twelve years old(!!), you’re liable to feel a bit lost.

  7. Laura

    omg……..if dakota fanning was on heroin….the cameras would see it guyz, get real shes a moviestar the camera catches everything

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  9. K… She Is Not On Drugs! She Got Those Photos Done For Teen Vogue Magazine!!! And Do You Think This Beautiful Talented 14 Year Old Girl Would Go On,On DRUGS!!!!! I DONT Think So! I Love Dakota Fanning She Is Clearly The Most Well Put Together Girl In The World!! And nemarasu Shes 14 Not 7!!!! LEAVE DAKOTA FANNING ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. jo

    fanning fan. ur a total tool if the best person u can think of to idolize is tht ugly, little, ghost-white, pasty, fugly looking thing. and u say she is well put together. u must be surrounded by ugly ppl to make a claim like tht. and i know that there is no way she is doing heroin, but judging by her appearance its not a completely bogus accusation. fanning fan. get a life

  11. Joe Is Smarter Than You

    I thought given her physique that you guys might be right, BUT

    Since I;m smarter than all of you I decided to verify it with real proof, and it turns out she is NOT riding the horse, chasing the dragon, sleeping with the black lady, ETC

    For those of us who are super-geniouses we know that one of the unavoidable effects of heroin is pupil constriction…

    E.g. Heroin makes your pupils get tiny, and “pointed out”, pin pointed, etc. They literally get hte size of the tip of a pin or smaller.

    I checked all of her most recent photographs and the only times her pupils were small like that was was when she was in the blaring sun or a spotlight. Most of her pictures he pupils are normal sized or large because of bad lighting.

    If she was chasing the black dragon she would have tiny ass pupils.

    So any of you who thought she was on heroin are wrong, and I am right obiously.

    Please check her most recent pictures where shes not in blaring sunlight or lighting, if her pupils arn’t tiny then she aint on dope.

  12. tazer

    I wanna bang this hot chick while she shoots up a nice fat bag!

  13. oel

    If the girl wants to do drugs let her do drugs

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