Paris Hilton Say it Ain’t So, and Really Say It Don’t Just Mouth the Words!

Paris Hilton, we heard you didn’t even sing the totally awesome songs on your new album “Paris”! Can it be true? Puuuhhleeaze say it’s not!

your cd roolz!

We heard you got some losah from California who’s in some other band to sing for you! Why would you do this, when your voice is like such a sweet songbird!  FYI, us nooz hounds (arf! arf!) have pretty sweet singing voices when we’re not growling and digging up bones (scoops) in the backyard! What is the deal? We tried to find out who it was , but we googled “losah from California” and all we got was this:

you hired her???

Oh mah gawd Paris, puuuhhhleeeaze tell us you didn’t hire yourself to sing the songs for you instead of you! How could you live with yourself, up on stage mouthing the words to some song you’re pretending your singing, when really backstage it’s just you singing into a microphone so they can hide your ugly face!

We love you Paris, say it ain’t so!

[via Jossip]



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32 responses to “Paris Hilton Say it Ain’t So, and Really Say It Don’t Just Mouth the Words!

  1. sarah

    i dont even look at perez anymore. i just come here. this is your best scoop yet. arf.

  2. ryan

    I love this site. Arf Arf!

  3. perez hilton is a gay! this site totally roolz!

  4. The Kid (it's me, Tim)

    i heard that the editor of perez gave birth to a two headed gossip scorpion and they run this site. and also, lindsay lohan is really a robot that God built to teach humanity how how to love again

  5. I did a poop stain

    I totallly stopped watchin carttoons to reaad your webside!

    perez hilon made thay cd in a bansky

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