Do They Have Awesome Movies on the Moon?

Ruff! Ruff! Tom Crooz could use some toothpaste! Why does he have his hand up like that? Is he behind a glass window so no one can get to him?


FYI you guys, same source told us that there’s something crazy brewing! Can you guess what Tom Crooz, Katie Holmes and The Moon have in common? Find out after the jump!

awesome moon wedding!

You guessed it! They’ll be making an appearance on the moon. This is the craziest PR stunt they’ve done yet! And I have so many questions!

1) Tom Crooz, why the moon?

2) Suri Crooz, what’s up with the moon?

3) Katie Holmes, I can’t wait until I can call you Katie Crooz! Also, the moon, what’s the deal?

[via SocialiteLife]


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