Los Angeles: Where Celebs Go to Rool

Have you heard of Hollywood? DUH, dumb question. But seriously, have you heard of it? This place rools, it is where all the celebs live. Everyone in hollywood has a bunch of little dogs, and they rule too! Like everyone gets waaaaay more than one! And when your dog dies they give you a new one. Not like everywhere else where instead of giving you a dog they make you bury him. It sucks! Nobody in Hollywood has to bury their dog in the backyard when its raining and not give you a new dog to play with, like in Hollywood. That would be totally evil. Not even something that DADS would make you do. Not even, because dogs are awesome and dads are not.

he was the best!

p.s. maybe you should go to jail like Lindsay Lohan’s dad, who deserved it too!



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3 responses to “Los Angeles: Where Celebs Go to Rool

  1. goldengirl007

    uhm…..what the hell are you talking about? lol

  2. I did a poop stain

    how many dogs make you famous?

  3. only like a hundred poop stain! PSYCH! whatevah!

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