Lindsay Lohan, Or Should I Call You Orange Lohan!

Goooooooooooood Morning Newsies! First scoop is a doozie!

Lindsay Lohan eats so many carrots her skin is orange! Thats it! Thats the scoop! She’s, like, totally obsessed! With Carrots! WHOA!

Orange you glad she's orange! Haha!

We heard that Linds loves carrot like even more than her boyfriend. For realz! She loves carrots so much she’s turning into one! Oh gross! And we all know that she loves lots of stuff, especially staying up late and dancing? Whats next, she turns into a dancing carrot? Whatevah! Lindsay! Don’t eat carrots or dance! Or, if you do, come sleepovah aftah!



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4 responses to “Lindsay Lohan, Or Should I Call You Orange Lohan!

  1. carrots are good for your eyes

  2. thats what my mom said, but i don’t believe her. and also, i don’t belive you. and also, you’re not my mom. are you? mom?

  3. sasha

    lindsay is extremly hot orange or not!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS MY LIFE

  4. NP

    lol yes carrots makes you orange ^^ i think she looks healthy ?!

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