TOP SECRET: Celeb Hangout Cooler Than Your Bedroom

Ta-da! Thanks to some amaaaaaaaaazing under-cover noozin’ (double ruff!) we just got the scoop on where celebs are hangin these days! You know how whe you go to restaurants with your dad or whatever and sometimes bars and there aren’t any celebrities there? And you’re like “Why can’t we go somewhere that doesn’t smell like grandma’s and there are clothes on the girls who are walking around with drinks and stuff?” Well, its because they have a way awesomer place to hang out that no one knows about because its like a SUPAH SECRET! DUH! And also they don’t have to deal with their dads, which is totes uncool.

Celebs aren’t hanging at the mall anymore because there aren’t any cool clothes ever since The Limited left and went to that place by the gas station. Its true! They loooved that store. Now all the ultrah kewl celebrities are hangin’ at the Hospital! Its where all the nooz goes down!

totes dumping spinach

Word is that she’s cheating on her losah boyfriend with a really coo bartender there. Its true! Bummer



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2 responses to “TOP SECRET: Celeb Hangout Cooler Than Your Bedroom

  1. goldengirl007

    ohhhhhh….lindsay is soooooo cute!

  2. Pooooooooooo
    i like poo
    im a pooo…

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