Ashlee Simpson Looks Like A Horse, And Dad Won’t Buy Me One

I bet Ashlee Simpson has a horse and a dog (ruff!) and a hamster. I had a hamster once, but my friend Steve borrowed him and said he set him free because he didn’t like to play the way Steve likes to play. Also, I bet Ashlee Simpson has a horse, BECAUSE SHE LOOKS LIKE ONE TOO!


J/k, J/k, she actually looks like a girl, but kind of like a horse.

Dad, will you puhleeeaze buy me an ashlee simpson, I mean a horse? I will take care of it and whatevah and feed it. I will ride it too, maybe ride it away from here forevah because YOU LAME DAD, YOU LAME!

[via GalleryOfTheAbsurd]



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10 responses to “Ashlee Simpson Looks Like A Horse, And Dad Won’t Buy Me One

  1. that picture just made me poop my pants…a little.

  2. Sammy

    My dad sucks to. He always ruins everything! he isnt fun at all. he doesnt care about what really matters to me! i hope that he would just leave me alone and let me live my own life!

    P.S.- i like the pictures!!!!!

  3. malerie

    thats hot, ashley simpson is a hor!!!!!!!
    love all yall,

  4. Sarah

    Funny, i like my dad he is cool

  5. Jennifer

    hey my mom and dad wont buy me a horse either it SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Coolio Jessica

    Hahahahaha!!I hate Ashlee Simpson!I love the pics!Ashlee sucks!

  7. see it’s very define,your one of a kin. Serafino Raimondo.

  8. tash

    This isn’t connected to this picture but the things you’ve said in other caption, such as “Gross homeless guy”

    You seem like a completely ignorant, BITCH.

    Get out more and stop taking the piss out of people who actually have lives!

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