Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets Spinach Poisoning and WRONG Medication!

Whoah! Another chapter in the super long book about how lame Spinach is! Jennifer Love Hewitt had to go to the hospital after eating Spinach! The worst part is, the doctor’s gave her the wrong medication! Check it out!


The word is that instead of being given the right anti-Spinach pills, the doctor gave her stoopid pills instead! And boy, they sure do work! Wait, who is Jennifer Love Hewitt anyway? I went to ask Dad, but he just woke up and yelled and then the bottle fell off the table and went smash and I ran away, probably wicked faster than dumb old stoopid pills here!

She looks like the kid who goes to the other classroom at school and always wants McDonald’s but he says it like “Iwongo MakDoalds.”


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