Paris Hilton, Give ME $100!

Noozies, check out these pictures of Paris Hilton giving some gross homeless guy $100! Whatevah homeless guy, whatevah! Do you think you’re special because you know Paris Hilton or something? What did you have to do to get the $100, like, promise to give it back or something?

ew gross, oh mah gawd

HEY, GROSS HOMELESS DUDE? THE CAMERA’S OVER HERE! What are you looking at, a half-eaten cheeseburger or something? Paris, I can’t beleive you gave this guy $100! I mean, he doesn’t even have a house! So where’s he gonna put whatever he buys? And I mean, you KNOW what he’s going to buy, right? Gawd Paris, do I have to spell it out for you?

There’s only one thing ANYBODY would buy if they had that kind of money, and you know it:


YOU KNOW HE WILL PARIS YOU KNOW HE WILL! What’s he gonna do with it Paris? Serve awesome cupcakes to his losah homeless friends? And where’s he even gonna use it, behind the K-Mart? Homeless people are supposed to cook pigeons over trash cans, not wicked awesome cupcakes!

Paris, puhhhleeeeeaze give me that money instead of the homeless guy while you still can. I DESERVE IT. I’ll let my dumb, err, I mean awesome little sister use it too, I sweah! You can come ovah and I’ll make you the best Easy-Lasagna ever, I sweah! We can eat it and watch Mickey Mouse Club, oh puhleeeaze, Paris, puhleeeeaze!



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3 responses to “Paris Hilton, Give ME $100!

  1. babycakes

    i think you guys missed what is actually going on here. Paris is smiling so much because she has never been offered so much money for sex. he doesnt know who she is….or the real price he will have to pay for a night in paris.

  2. andy

    you spaz!
    whatch the video cunt face them to are lookin away as the camera man sed
    oi, look over hera and got him to telll the camra what just happend!
    and what she did was give him some money to get a B.King as thats where they are now!
    god ur a cunt you dont even know whats happing and your wrightin about it its people like you what give her a bad name!

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