Paris Hilton Moved to India, And She’s Not Calling or Writing You Either

Nope. She’s not! She thought about it and then decided, “Eh. Whatevah.” It only took her a second. Seriously. She was all, “Count up to a million. I’ll be gone longer than that.” And everyone else was like “Losah, nuh-uh” and she was like “you’ll see.” Then everyone shook their heads.

Her sister Nicky got so mad she called their moms and they were both grounded. So now its more like Paris is on a vacation. Which is waaaaaay cooler anyways, except she can’t buy any dogs or anything, so if this one dies, “It’s the last one.”

Did your neck throw up, Paris? J/k. I think it looks fine. Only, it looks a little like your neck threw up. But j/k, j/k.

FYI, its like she’s been on vacation forever almost. When asked when she would return she said, “Did you count to a million yet? You’re probably only on like 15 or something.”

Still up to the same stuff though:

Paris, oops!

[via Bollywood City via Radar via The Computer, Duh!]



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8 responses to “Paris Hilton Moved to India, And She’s Not Calling or Writing You Either

  1. Paris in the Autumn – nothing is better

  2. ConfusedGal

    um, whoever runs this page, your writer is uninteligable. Seriously, he doesn’t make sense. This is my first and last time on this page, that’s for sure. You suck.

  3. pamc woxne r uyidnqw f0qkmxc qpsl mdjn sl

  4. popculturewhore

    hahaha. confused gal is very confused. that comment is the funniest shit i have seen on here. keep up the good work girls and maybe you can afford to buy your own horse.

  5. Siams

    thats not Paris,
    that is an indian (not really but she used to work in India) actress/model…
    she’s a slut

  6. Siams

    her name is negar khan

  7. fabrigasse

    salut touszle monde

  8. haha idk

    eww her boobs hanging out

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