Boy Meets World, Meets Girl, Meets The End

Uh-oh. Noozies, sorry to have to break it to you, but that supah awesome dude from that totes wicked show died last night. It is NOT awesome.

What about Tapenga? Is she going to marry Sean now to help her forget the Boy who Met the World, but also to stay close to him by being with someone who was also close to the Boy who Met the World?


Still alive. Dead.

[via BigGayAl]



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6 responses to “Boy Meets World, Meets Girl, Meets The End

  1. the opposite of still alive is not still alive. But that doesn’t necessarily mean dead. i think he may still just be sort of alive. some of the time.

  2. The Dude

    Ha ha ha! You asshat! It’s a hoax! Duh, factcheck anyone?

    See this is what separates the dickheads from the quality sites like Please stop making an ass of yourself and leave this to the professionals!

  3. Oh mah gawd! The Dude takes celebrity news wicked seriously! He likes his celebrity nooz for realz! Oh mah gawd!

    We haven’t hired any “fact checkers” yet, but we have hired “wack checkers” and uh oh, look out, DING DING DING DING.

    OOO psych! you lame dude, you luh-hame!

  4. Kaylynn

    hahahahahaha my sister thought that Ben actually died too and she almost had me going. I had to get on the computer and check. I’m watching Boy Meets World right now…haha man that is funny shit.

  5. I love your site!

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