Who is Sanchez, and Why is He So Dirty?

Hey noozies! Everywhere I go lately (the clubhouse, the basement, the kitchen for cookies) all I hear about is this guy, who’s name is Screech, or Dustin Diamond, or whatevah. At first I was like SOUND THE ALARM, (the alarm is my little sistah hitting a bucket with a wooden spoon), FAKE CELEBRITY! But then someone told me nuh-uh, it’s ok, he was once on a wicked kewl show called Saved by the Belding, or something. I saw a re-run once and thought it was luh-hame, but whatevah.

Anyway, what’s the deal, he made a new movie or something? With someone named Sanchez who I guess lives in a garbage dump or something cause he’s really dirty all the time?At first I though they meant Oscar the Grouch. But then why would Oscar the Grouch, who is awesome, do a new movie with Screech, who is wicked lame?

Whatevah. But I also heard Screech lost his house or something, so maybe he is hanging out with Oscar to learn a few pointers about living in trash cans. Whatevah. Sanchez or no Sanchez, I don’t think I’m gonna see this movie.

you ugly



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4 responses to “Who is Sanchez, and Why is He So Dirty?

  1. goldengirl007

    I dont get it

  2. Jane

    Dirty Sanchez is a graphic sexual act that I cannot explain to you here. It is a joke.

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  4. What the frak are you talking about. No mention of a movie, or whatever. I sthis whole site just for spammers?

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