Kate Moss: Mom Says “Blow Your Nose”

LOL! Kate Moss I can see your boogers! Ha ha ha! Haven’t you ever heard of your pinky finger?

Man, you lucky you don’t ride the bus with me! You would get made fun of wicked bad! There’s one wicked ugly and dumb boy who makes people with boogers eat them! And then the bus driver yells and usually you cry cuz everyone laughs at you. The bus driver is fat too. Gross!



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60 responses to “Kate Moss: Mom Says “Blow Your Nose”

  1. It’s not boogers…it’s cocaine.


  2. What is that like an organic cereal or something?

  3. It’s like telling someone to clean its nose whenever she goes around in public.

  4. justme

    who cares i hope someone takes a picture of you like this why do we always look for and hope for the worst for each other

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  6. mandy

    she does look reaaaally ugly here but anyway I don’t think that’s a booger

  7. Mariah Lynn

    ROFL. WIN. She’s trifling anyway. . . and, Larry Donaldson, no one is going to read that.

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