Penelope Crooz, He BETTAH Take You to Disney World

Penelope Crooz, what is up? Do you like pirates or something all of a sudden? We here at the nooz hear you are dating Orlando (Disney World Rules!)  Bloom! Do you think he likes the teacups ride? Or do you think he likes the Space Mountain ride better?

Besides asking what you are doing hanging around with BOYS in the first place, didn’t you know he was Kate Bosworth’s ex-boyfriend? So doesn’t that make you a gold-digger or something? I saw that on TV once.

 boys drool!

What does he do vodoo or something? Why’s he wearing necklaces like a girl? Pirates don’t really rool. But Mickey Mouse does for rea



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7 responses to “Penelope Crooz, He BETTAH Take You to Disney World

  1. How old are you, snoozie? Too young to know what a gold digger is!

  2. ParisHaterLohanFan

    YO – How about another, oh I dont know………NOOZ ARTICLE??????

  3. Totes #1 Fan

    Word on the street is that the little nooz houndz are grounded, but dad’s letting them out of the basement on monday.

  4. when is this site going to be updated? c’mon , can’t wait?

    – GoldCoaster

  5. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Turnip.

  6. Guten Tag. Ich bin dieses Jahr eher zufu00e4llig auf die Biographie von Huber gestossen und war ebenfalls fasziniert. In einem Buch von 1939 war E.H. Click

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