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50 Cent Arrested for Driving Totally Sweet Car!

Dudes! We just found out that rapper and black man 50 Cent was arrested for driving his radical new Lamborghini in New York City! See what I mean about the police, they’re pulling over any celebrity they see, what is their problem, for realz!

Do you think 50 Cent even cared? Do you think he was like “Whatevah, I have another car, so like, whatevah”? I saw a car like that once, only it was like wicked small and in my sandbox because it was a Hot Wheels car! Do you think 50 Cent likes Hot Wheels?  Judging from these pictures, I’d say he totally does!

Leave celebs alone, the man!

50 Cent should have just cried to the police, maybe then they wouldn’t have given him a ticket. He should have been all “ohh, ohh, it’s my first time getting a ticket, ohh, dude, my Mom is gonna kill me, please.” DUH, it’s so simple! Sometimes I think I should be the celebrity, and these celebrities should be writing about me instead, for realz!



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