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Kate Bosworth Has Bones

OH MAH GAWD! Kate Bosworth I thought you had bones but I wasn’t sure before. These pictures prove it though! You have bones, and boobs! What is so important that Kirsten Dunst has to see your bones? Did she ask? If I wanted to see your bones I wouldn’t have asked, I would have just looked. There they are! Those are your bones!

no sleepovers for you kate bosworth! my dad said you could come though

A little bit closer:

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Lindsay Lohan is See-Thru

Good morning, fellow noozies! We’re glad to have you back and be able to give you the scoopz you need!

I was tired when I woke up this morning (to scan the nooz feeds) but after seeing Lindsay Lohan now I’m totally awake. Totally. Awake. Whats the deal with these boobies pictures? And her weirdo outfit? She’s like totally gonna do some black magic and then show you her boobies! Whatevah! 

But I mean whats the deal? Why are celebrities like always wearing see through clothes? Right? I know that when I put clothes on, its to make sure no one can see me without clothes. I mean geez, don’t you guys know what clothes are even for? For covering up, and stuff! For realz! 


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