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Lindsay Lohan Isn’t Fooling Us, Or You, Or Whatevah

DUH! Nobody wants to watch you try and play tennis like that, duh! Linds, you’re not even wearing a wicked kewl headband like ageisssi or anything, duh. And also, did you know, that your racket is like totes too small? Well it is, and nobody wants to see you play with it at all. For serious, why don’t you just do what you do best. Just “breathe,” or go cry to your mom who doesn’t really love you because your dad is in jail or whatever. Go Paris!

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Ashlee Simpson Looks Like A Horse, And Dad Won’t Buy Me One

I bet Ashlee Simpson has a horse and a dog (ruff!) and a hamster. I had a hamster once, but my friend Steve borrowed him and said he set him free because he didn’t like to play the way Steve likes to play. Also, I bet Ashlee Simpson has a horse, BECAUSE SHE LOOKS LIKE ONE TOO!


J/k, J/k, she actually looks like a girl, but kind of like a horse.

Dad, will you puhleeeaze buy me an ashlee simpson, I mean a horse? I will take care of it and whatevah and feed it. I will ride it too, maybe ride it away from here forevah because YOU LAME DAD, YOU LAME!

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CAUGHT! Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton

Seriously? What happened here? You guys both look all tangled up in stuff.


Linds, how did you get that power cord wrapped around your dress? You can’t plug it in, you know. You can’t!

And Paris, that dress is so old its got spider-webs on it! And not the cool kind like in the cartoons, it’s the scary kind like in the cartoons! Gosh!


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Kate Bosworth Has Bones

OH MAH GAWD! Kate Bosworth I thought you had bones but I wasn’t sure before. These pictures prove it though! You have bones, and boobs! What is so important that Kirsten Dunst has to see your bones? Did she ask? If I wanted to see your bones I wouldn’t have asked, I would have just looked. There they are! Those are your bones!

no sleepovers for you kate bosworth! my dad said you could come though

A little bit closer:

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