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Nicole Richie, Why Are You Fighting for the Wrong Side?

THIS JUST IN: Nicole Richie is fighting the terroristic war! Awesome right? NOT! She’s on the wrong side!


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Blueprintz for Club Paris Hilton!

Paris Hilton, I made you these awesome blueprintz to help you get started on Club Paris Hilton! I didn’t have enough time or room to draw the wall of gumball machines, or the clowns and weiner dogs balancing hamburgers on their nose, but you get the idea! Good luck! Also, I think you’re going to need at least 9,000 square feet and tell the contractor to sound proof the VIP room so they don’t hear the awesome calliope band in the basement!

this club roolz

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Paris Hilton, Maybe You Should Start Your Own Club!

The latest place she can’t get in is the Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York. Why? Rose Bar, why? Don’t you know that Paris Hilton is a famous celebrity and roolz?

Paris Hilton, you cannot get in anywhere, what is the deal? Is it you? Maybe you are not brushing your teeth or something? Whatevah, it’s not like the Rose bar is the only bar ever, am I right? I mean am I right? Whatevah! Wait, is it?

Paris Hilton, I have the best idea, and it is called “Club Paris Hilton”! You should build it for realz, and I can help because I have a clubhouse too, no boys allowed, woo! Just kidding, you could totally bring boys to yours, I don’t care. As long as your dad said it was ok, then, like, whatevah! Would he be cool with that? Wait he’s a boy! No boys allowed! Dads are boys! Oh mah god dads are gross!

being a celebrity is like riding a rollercoaster of awesomeness!

Oh mah god! You already had the idea, I see it on your shirt! Go Paris! Rollercoasterz rool! Go Paris! I hope you don’t throw up! Go Paris! Your sister is busted! Go Paris! Yow!

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