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Coming Next Week!

Hey nooz hounds, sorry we didn’t have time to get to all the awesome scoopz we promised  last Friday, but there was just too much nooz to cover! But next week, we PROMISE you can look forward to these great bones to chew on! Woof! Woof!

  • Charlie Sheen: Still a Machine?
  • Jack Nicholson: Wait, wait…Who??
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks: Why do you guys give Dave such a hard time?
  • Lindsay Lohan: Come on, one more time, pleeeease?
  • Theodore Chipmunk and Dakota Fanning: SAY IT AIN’T SO!
  • Kevin Federline: You need band-aids for those cuts.
  • Steven Seagal!

 We can’t wait until next week guys! Have fun this weekend, don’t do anything a celeb wouldn’t do! Which is like nothing! Haha! Whatevah!


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Coming Soon to a Nooz Hound Near You

Oh man! How psyched are you for next week’s Nooz hounding? Oh man! We’re super-duper ready to give you loyal Noozies (ruff! ruff!) some great scoopz next week: 

  • “Peter Jennings: Totally Dead, or Maybe Not?”
  • “The Olsen Twins: Not Really Related?”
  • “Jessica Alba: Butt Made of Flubber? J/K, its Rubber! Gotcha!”
  • “Wait, which one is Jack Nicholson again? Is that guy who plays golf?” 
  • “Boys are Gross!”
  • “Steven Seagal”

Until then, keep on noozing and hounding! Double thumbs up!


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