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If That’s Spinach, Put It Down Right Now! Don’t Eat It! Seriously!

Noozies! Run for your lives! For realz, there is some bad spinach running around the world! If you eat it, it makes you really sick! Don’t eat the spinach oh mah gawd!

SPINACH is responsible for all the PR “not-celebrity” E. Coli is getting! It’s like Spinach is E. Coli’s lame agent or something! And it is even starting to affect the celebrities! Celebrities loves spinach, because it is a supah hip vegetable. Most celebrities when they go out to eat are like,

“Oh, oh, can I have this? Oh, is there spinach in it? Oh, there is no spinach in it? Oh, then, whatevah!”

But not anymore! Read on to see who’s the latest victim!

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Lindsay Lohan has a secret she wants to tell you about herself

BREAKING: One of our super scoopers (ruff!) just told us that Lindsay has been up to something fishy. Uh oh!

Ultra top secret footage below. For eyes only:

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What is a firecrotch? No, seriously.

Whats totes the deal with this firecrotch nonsense? Am I like way in the darkness about this?I mean Lindsay’s for sure Firey! Yow!  But I don’t like the way people are talking about lady-flowers… 

It makes me feel bad and tingly. I like flowers and I sure love Lindsay (double Yow!) but I hate fire. Whatevs, go Lindsay!

She's so interesting!


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