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Suri Crooz, do you need my help?

Suri Crooz, what is your deal? Can you even talk yet or what? If so, you should call me. A lot people say your Dad is crazy, but he is also dangerous! I don’t think it is safe for you to live with them! What would he do, I mean what would he do if you guys were driving to like McDonald’s for a happy meal and this happened? oh mah god! My point is, Tom Crooz has a dangerous life! What are you supposed to do Suri? What are you supposed to do when Philip Seymour Hoffman tries to blow up your car and you don’t even know how to undo your baby seat? Tom Crooz, why?

Suri Crooz, call me before it’s too late!



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Suri Crooz, I know who you are!

Whoah dudes, I figured out the Tom Crooz mystery that has totes stumped even the best nooz hounds! Check it out!

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John Travolta, Please Stop Confusing Me and My Friends!

John Travolta, what is up? What is the deal with yourself? I saw you in a picture kissing a dude! What is up with that? What about like in Face Off when Nicholas Cage had your face? Maybe that explains it? What about that maybe explains it? John Travolta, seriously, people want to know, what is up? Do you maybe need to talk to someone? Do you maybe need to talk with yourself? John Travolta, John Travolta, whoah! You are blowing people’s minds!

that is NOT Uma Thurman!


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