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Scarlett Johansson! I Totally Have Those Shorts Too

OHMAHGAW! Its like we’re sisters! Like cool and awesome sisters, not like stupid always-stealing-my-stuff sisters! Can I borrow your glasses? Wanna sleepovah and talk ’bout boys and makeup? FYI, your haircut looks like a boys! J/k, its the awesomist!

where did you get that shirt?! its awesome!



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Someone Distract Jessica Simpson Quick!

Uh, hey, Jessica, look over here at this cereal, or whatevah, because FYI there is a big picture of you on the magazine on the other side of the rack. I mean, no, there’s not, why would I say that? Whatevah!

Jessica! I hear your fish calling, you need to come feed them quick! Don't look at the magazine!

What is she doing at a grocery store anyway? Why didn’t she make her little sister with the tupperware face Ashlee go for her? That’s what dumb little sisters are for, and beleive me, I KNOW.

And why is she wearing that ugly hat? Does that hat say L…A? What does that mean? “Lindsay Awesome”? Is she a fan of Lindsay Lohan? Whoah, I think so! Jessica, come sleep over this weekend! You can have the popcorn Kate Bosworth was gonna have! Only, wear a turtleneck or something, because your boobies are like planets and they’re scary.


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Kate Bosworth, What Color Pajamas Do You Have?

Uh oh! Kate Bosworth, we heard you needed a place to stay! We heard that your stupid pirate boyfriend kicked you out! Thats sucky, really sucky. Who cares about your stupid boyfriend. I mean, really? Whatevah!

1. ) He’s a boy! Gross!


2.) He’s not awesome!


Its ok though, we’ve got an idea! Why don’t we have a sleepover?! We have every Disney movie, and a popcorn machine.


Puhleeease bring your rad Superman thingy! We have to be in bed by 10, but its okay because we can pretend about it and stay up all night! 

[via Gatecrasher]

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