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Do They Have Awesome Movies on the Moon?

Ruff! Ruff! Tom Crooz could use some toothpaste! Why does he have his hand up like that? Is he behind a glass window so no one can get to him?


FYI you guys, same source told us that there’s something crazy brewing! Can you guess what Tom Crooz, Katie Holmes and The Moon have in common? Find out after the jump!
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ONGOING COVERAGE: Maddox and Suri Standoff

Tom Crooz and Angelina’s son, Maddox, known terrorist and kidnapper, totally called for a truce. Crooz said at a press conference, “About that whole thing, whatevah!” Then he leaned back in his chair and shrugged. Then he shared his sippy cup with Shiloh.

In exchange for a GI Joe and some donuts, Maddox flew Suri Crooz in a hot air balloon back to the United States.

How awesome is that! Now why can’t Tom  Cruise and Vince Vaughn just get over Chicago and start filming Ocean’s 15! Lets go Celebrities! Today is going to be a good day!

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Suri Crooz, do you need my help?

Suri Crooz, what is your deal? Can you even talk yet or what? If so, you should call me. A lot people say your Dad is crazy, but he is also dangerous! I don’t think it is safe for you to live with them! What would he do, I mean what would he do if you guys were driving to like McDonald’s for a happy meal and this happened? oh mah god! My point is, Tom Crooz has a dangerous life! What are you supposed to do Suri? What are you supposed to do when Philip Seymour Hoffman tries to blow up your car and you don’t even know how to undo your baby seat? Tom Crooz, why?

Suri Crooz, call me before it’s too late!


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